Survival just got a whole lot bigger Doskii - 2022-09-25

Today we’ve opened up a huge new area in survival to play around in, freshly generated in 1.19 so no more age old pre-explored caves and tiny mountains.

While starting over entirely would have been nice, we decided it would be even nicer to preserve the old worlds so old players might still find their homes the way they left them. So instead of a completely new world we opened up a massive new area instead. 3 times the size of the old world! This will also make it easier to navigate for players unfamiliar with the structure of our server, like what happened with Survival 2 (which by the way is still there), and will make more sense when it comes to nether portals.

Speaking of nether, we have also regenerated the nether to get rid of all the old generated areas nobody was actually using anyways. This way everybody will have a fresh start with all the new nether features added a couple of updates ago.

You can find the new survival spawn from the hub. This survival world will simply be called “Survival” from now on and will be the only major portal. The old spawn and survival 2 will still be accessible via the smaller portals to the sides. This should make the decision of which world to use easy.

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