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This page is outdated, take it with a grain of salt

How to set one or multiple homes

By setting a home you will be able to quickly teleport to that place (presumably your house) at any time (assuming that you are not playing a mini-game at that moment).

To set up a home is easy but you might need a few dollars (very little). Stand on the place you want to stand on and type /sethome. Now to teleport to that location the only thing you will have to do it to type /home which doesn't cost anything.

If you are a donator you will be able to set several homes. To set a new home you can simply type /sethome boat, boat is just an example name, you can replace boat with anything you want. Then to teleport to your homes you will want to type /home boat or you can type /home to see the list of homes that you have.

If you want to remove your home just type /delhome boat and your home will be removed.

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How to protect your chests and doors

To lock a chest for yourself you can just right click on the side of it with a sign in your hand. The sign will have automatically have [private] on the first line and your name on the second. To lock a door for yourself you can either put a sign above or in front of the door with (without the quotation marks of course) [private] on the first line and your name on the second.

To lock a chest for you and your friends you'll have to put the sign in front of it with [private] on the first line, your name on the second and the names of your friends on the other lines. If you want to add more friends you can add another sign against one of the chests sides and write [More Users] on the first line and then additional names on each new line. This can be done again on each side of the chest. Locking a door works the same way except you can put the signs one block above the door as well.

If you want to change something on the sign you can simply right click it to select it (you can now also see the command in the chat) then type /lockette <line number> <text> (replace <line number> with the line you want to edit and replace the <text> with the text you want to put on that line).

You can also protect other things like furnaces, brewing stands, diamond blocks, hoppers etc. as well.

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How to setup a faction. (creating groups and protecting land)

Creating a faction
The first thing you want to do is obviously to create the faction, to do so you will need enough money. If you don't have enough the server will tell you how much you'll need. Type /f create <name> and replace <name> with the name of your new faction. If all went well you should get a message saying that you created the faction.
Inviting friends to your faction
If you want to have your friends in your faction so they can build and help your faction grow you can invite them by typing /f invite <player> and replace <player> with the username of the player you want to invite. Then the invited player as to accept the invite by typing /f join <faction name> and replacing <faction name> with the name of the faction.
Putting money in your faction
You'll need money in your faction to be able to do things like claiming land. This is very simple and everybody in your faction can do it, just type /f money d <amount> (d stands for deposit) and replace <amount> with the amount you wish to give to the faction. To take money back out of the faction type /f money w <amount> (w stands for withdraw).
Claiming (protecting) land
To protect land you will need enough money and power, if you have that you can claim the chunk (16x16 blocks) that you are standing on by typing /f claim. To see what you have claimed you can look in the chat while walking around, using the /f map or by looking at the live map (the live map might take longer to update). If you want to claim a lot of land fast you can use the /f autoclaim command, this will allow you to claim every chunk you walk over. To disable this again you have to type the same command again.
For more commands/help type /f help or ask somebody on the server.

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How to view every name a player has had

You can view the history of a player's name changes that are done though To view this list you simply type /namehistory <playername> where <playername> is the name of the player you want to look up.

For example: if you type /namehistory simon2000l you will get a list of his previous names.

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How to use colors and styles in the chat (and other places)

[Notice] You only have access to the colors depending on what rank you are in.

Coloring and styling texts is really easy and straight forward however it might be hard to actually remember all the codes for the colors. To color/style your text you simple write & and then a number or letter depending on what you want to change your text into. E.g. &1 makes your text blue. If you want both a style and a color then you will have to declare the color first and then the style otherwise it won't work. E.g. &1&l will give you a bold and blue text. You can use &r to reset the text formatting. Below are all the colors/styles.

&0 = Black
&1 = Dark Blue
&2 = Dark Green
&3 = Dark Aqua
&4 = Dark Red
&5 = Dark Purple
&6 = Gold
&7 = Gray
&8 = Dark Gray
&9 = Blue
&a = Green
&b = Aqua
&c = Red
&d = Light Purple
&e = Yellow
&f = White

Font decorations:
&k = Obfuscated (weird changing letters)
&l = Bold
&m = Strikethrough
&n = Underline
&o = Italic

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How to vote for the server and get free diamonds.

First: make sure you are logged into the server. Then go to or and wait five seconds while a boring ad loads. After the five seconds a button with "skip ad" appears in the top right corner , click it and you will be redirected to a website. Now you will have to click the green "vote for this server" or "vote" button. You will be asked to type your Minecraft user name and to do a "verification" or "captcha". To do the captcha click on the correct image that the site asks for, after this you can close the website and return to Minecraft to see if you got your diamond. If you didn't get it then something went wrong and you should consider trying again and/or asking an Admin for further help.

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