Contact us

In the case you have any questions, suggestions, problems, griefer issues, statements, ban appeals, reports or likewise you can contact us using one of the four methods bellow.

Just don't forget to give us the coordinates if you are talking about a specific place! e.g. "I got griefed at x=420 y=70 z=22. Please help me repair it.". You can find these coordinates by pressing F3 while in-game.

Easy to use form

It might take slightly longer to get a response when using this form.

Minecraft name:

E-mail (if you want a response from us):



Do not forget to use the reCaptcha below! Otherwise you will have to rewrite your message!


The e-mail address you can use to reach us at is Don't forget to include who you are (username and such).


Discord is a chat and voice-chat program similar to teamspeak. with this you can chat with all of the staff (and all other players connected). This might not be a good idea if you have very personal questions because everybody can see it but if you just want a quick question or chat than it might be really good because anybody can help you.
You can connect to the server using this invite link: . You don't even need to create an account if you don't want to.

In-Game mail

If you have a small question you can use the /mail <player> <message> command. This might not be the most practical way of asking questions due to its message size limits but it does go fast and easy as long as your questions are small. This can also be used to message other offline players.
Once you have received a response, which the chat will notify you about, you can read it by typing /mail read and then you can mark it as read using /mail clear.