Meet the staff

Below you can see all the current admins and mods on the server. They have all written a little about themselves.

Doskii [Owner]

Hi, I'm the server owner, I'm 28 years old (I might forget to update this :3) and I'm the one doing most of the work.

I have been playing Minecraft since Alpha came out in 2010 and got into servers somewhere in the middle of Minecraft's Beta stage. I started with hosting a relatively populair offline server on my potato computer though a service called Tunngle on my blazing fast ADSL connection. It wasn't optimal but it tough me a lot about server hosting.

In 2012 I got asked by Varmlan (a by now long dead LAN party organisation) to host a server for their competitions. I used that opportunity to create a this server for my friends and anybody else who might want to join. Since then we had many thousands of players log in of whom many stayed around for a very long time. And sure, we had our ups and downs, but what made it worth it was the small but dedicated community that we have managed to build. A group of very random and fun people who made great bases, played minigames and made tons of friends (and some enemies) on the server.

emilp2009 [Admin]

Hey I am an admin on the server and I work much with building stuff and I have built a couple of survival games maps with other stuff like 1.7 spawn (me and Doskii) and also if you need any help ask me and I can see what I can do for you see u on the server people.

Timpza [Mod]

Hi, i am one of the Mods on the server, if u need any help u can just ask me and i will see what i can do. And Btw don't trust Wietze123 or Emilp2009.

cckjellis [Mod]

Hello! My name is Benjamin. I am a server [Mod] and will thus help people on the server. I will do everything to be such a good [Mod] as possible. I will then help people and help with their work.

simon2000l [Admin]

I like chocolate. My pc specs!


(no info)