New SkyWars map and refined classes! Doskii - 2017-10-30

The new SkyWars map is now live on the server! It's called SkyIsland and it is a 4 player map with a bunch of islands to get to. You spawn on one of the four small islands and you'll have to quickly get your way to one of the other islands before the enemies do. Besides the island where you spawn on there are resource islands with everything from coal to diamonds, then there is the middle or central islands that are connected with bridges where there are chests, resources and real estate. This place is great if you get there fast. Here you'll be able to shoot almost everybody on the map due to it being right in the middle and stretched across the width of the map. There are also two sets of tower islands consisting almost only of stone which is a great place to setup your defenses and bring the fight to you.

We also made a few minor tweaks to the classes as they were pretty unbalanced before. Now there are three classes to choose from. The first one is the default one which gives you a simple starter bow, wooden sword and pickaxe. The second one is focused on archery and gives you a stronger bow and more arrows but won't give you a sword. Then there is the still debated extra life class which gives you one extra life in exchange for all starter gear. You'll start with nothing. This class also costs 838kr ($100) (in-game currency) to activate at the moment of posting this.

We are still testing and changing this minigame a bit and we hope you all enjoy the new content and changes we have added. But nothing is perfect so please do give us your feedback on the topic through Discord or any of our other contact methods :)

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