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HD maps are back! Doskii - 2017-06-14

If you have visited the map on this site recently then you have probably noticed that some of the maps were partially if not completely black. This is because we have been regenerating the maps in a much higher quality! This means that you will be able to zoom in much more and be able to see every individual block with proper clarity.

The reason it was gone to begin with is because of the fact that these HD maps eat up hard drive storage like crazy and we just couldn’t afford to have them on, especially since the worlds were expending so drastically. It just wasn’t a priority. But now we have more storage to throw at the maps so that we can begin using the higher quality maps again! Yeah!

How you will use this is up to you. Use it to look at your home as you would with Google Maps, spy on your friends or look for good building locations. Regardless of what purpose you use it for, one thing stays the same, it’s pretty neat.

Click here to see the map!

Merry Christmas, happy new year and 1.11.2 Doskii - 2016-12-27

Let’s keep this short. We (emilp2009, cckjellis and me) want to wish you all happy holidays and thank you all for joining the server and making this community the way it is this year. We wish you all a happy 2017 and hope most of you will stay with us for another year :D .

In other news, we have recently updated the server to 1.11.2 (and 1.11 quite some time ago that we never mentioned here). This was for once a painless update that didn’t kill anything. Yippie!

Anyways, hope you enjoy and have a great 2017!

1.10 Update! Doskii - 2016-08-08

Good news! We have finally been able to update the server after skipping 1.9.

Since the 1.8 UUID update and the death of bukkit, the server has been really hard to keep updated due to complicated API changes and third-party plugin developers just giving up on their projects (for the same reason). We were even updated to 1.9 for a day or two until we had to give up thanks to multiple "things" simply not working anymore which then caused other "things" that depended on the other "things" to stop working as well. The server simply wasn't working anymore on that update so we ended up rolling back to 1.8.8 and added a protocol hack so that we could allow 1.9 (and later 1.10) players to join even though the server was technically still 1.8.8. After that, we started waiting and working on fixing the problems.

After the surprising fast 1.10 update that came after it, we retried updating the server again and after a little while we got it to work relatively smoothly. We then pushed the updates to the main server a few days ago and then to the fallback and pvpSurvival servers a day or so later.

This update isn't completely flawless as of yet though. Some features are a bit shaky at the moment. For example, Spleef has a weird problem where you will get your inventory in the game (you can't lose it though) and Survival Games is currently disabled because it is refusing to let people leave the arena after joining. We will fix these issues as soon as possible.

Besides these minor problems, the server is working great and all the new items, mobs, pvp system etc are all completely functional in all survival worlds, creative world and minigames. Have fun.

Two new spleef maps! Doskii - 2016-07-25

We have just added two new spleef maps: BigArena by Doskii and OceanMonument by emilp2009.

BigArena is a map in wel.. a big arena. This is currently the biggest spleef map on the server and is recommended to be played on by a large group of players or a very very long 1vs1 match.

OceanMonument is a smaller map created for smaller groups of players who like fast pace action on an ocean monument in a desert oasis.

Slight change in donations and the return of the fire, lava and water! Doskii - 2016-03-21

Today we have changed three small (yet big) things that I decided to just bundle into a single post.

The first new thing is an additional 3 donation ranks for those who love money. While the actual new ranks are not different in what they can do, they do, however, come with some extra dough. The three ranks "Donator (+extra money)", "Donator+ (+extra money)" and "VIP (+extra money)" give, as their titles already give away, more money in addition to the money that the rank would already give. This is great for those who simply need more money to go with their ranks.

The second change is that we now allow Swedish crowns (SEK/KR) as a payment next to our current USD ($) payment currency. We added this for two reasons: Most of our current players are Swedish and it makes it much more practical to pay in SEK for them and the second reason is that it actually saves a little bit of money for the donator. Paying dollars with crowns means that the crowns has to be converted to USD which costs a tiny bit of money. But now that we allow crowns, that won't be a thing anymore.

Another good thing that I almost forgot to mention is that the prices are actually lower than before. The rise of value of the USD had changed the price a little. E.g. $30 isn’t 200kr any more like it used to be, now 200kr is only about $24.30. So we adjusted that now so that the prices are correct again, and cheaper.

The last thing we changed doesn't have anything to do with donations. It has to do with us having blocked fire, lava and water in survival for a long time. The main reason we originally decided to block it was to prevent griefing. But we do understand that it can be quite annoying not being able to use those items so we have decided to try and allow them again in the hope it will work out good this time. The items are however still blacklisted in creative for obvious reasons and only [Trusted] players are currently allowed to use them.