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Welcome to the official minecraft.varmlan.se site!

Welcome to the website, here you can find the latest news, information, live maps of the server and more.

If you have found this website from anywhere besides our server: this is a website about our Minecraft server (ip: minecraft.varmlan.se). On this server you can play survival, creative and several different minigames. Survival is kind of meant to be peaceful but still PVP however fights still break out from time to time :P. But we have an actual pvp survival world as well (called PVPSurvival) which is completely separate from the main server with separate chats, inventories, factions and more. This world is essentially rules free so you can raid/grief/kill however and whatever you want.

The site is not 100% complete and will probably never be as it is a side project that is mainly meant to help players, so if you need further help than this website can currently provide please contact one of the admins/mods (or other players) on the server or on the contact us page.

Server status

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Latest News/Blog Posts

New SkyWars map and refined classes!Doskii - 2017-10-30

The new SkyWars map is now live on the server! It's called SkyIsland and it is a 4 player map with a bunch of islands to get to. You spawn on one of the four small islands and you'll have to quickly get your way to one of the other islands before the enemies do. Besides the island where you spawn on there are resource islands with everything from coal to diamonds, then there is the middle or central islands that are connected with bridges where there are chests, resources and real estate. This place is great if you get there fast. Here you'll be able to shoot almost everybody on the map due to it being right in the middle and stretched across the width of the map. There are also two sets of tower islands consisting almost only of stone which is a great place to setup your defenses and bring the fight to you.

We also made a few minor tweaks to the classes as they were pretty unbalanced before. Now there are three classes to choose from. The first one is the default one which gives you a simple starter bow, wooden sword and pickaxe. The second one is focused on archery and gives you a stronger bow and more arrows but won't give you a sword. Then there is the still debated extra life class which gives you one extra life in exchange for all starter gear. You'll start with nothing. This class also costs 838kr ($100) (in-game currency) to activate at the moment of posting this.

We are still testing and changing this minigame a bit and we hope you all enjoy the new content and changes we have added. But nothing is perfect so please do give us your feedback on the topic through Discord or any of our other contact methods :)

More Posts:

The introduction of Skywars and a few bug fixes

The “World of Color Update” update is here!

This is just a short update to tell you that we have now added the minigame Skywars! This minigame has been requested to be included for a long time now and we have now finally come around to adding it!

For the few who don’t know, Skywars is a PVP game mode were each player spawns on their own island which are all circled around a big center island. Every player has to get resources, mine, craft and build to survive and eliminate the other players. You can sit tight and hide or build your way to the center island, or other player’s islands and take the victory with pure strength. How you play it up to you. It is kind of like Survival Games except everybody is closer to each other and you have to build and mine to survive.

Interested? Head to the hub /hub and go to the Skywars lobby on the first floor. We currently have one map but more are on their way, probably.

In other news we have rebuild the entire permissions system to fix a bunch of problems that were appearing recently. One of them being the Discord chat. The Discord chat is now finally reconnected and you can now once again talk to people on the server through Discord on Discord our server, on the text-channel #minecraftchat. If you haven’t already, you can join our Discord using this link: discord.me/asp . One of the other things we have fixed is Spleef. Spleef should once again work a little better and not trap people in the arena, whoops. Hopefully it won’t break again ;)

Finally, the long awaited 1.12 update is here! While not a massive one, it does add a few neat changes including a new crafting system, hints for beginners, glazed terracotta, concrete, colored beds, illusioners, and parrots.

This update took, as usual, some work to get functioning properly. Almost half the server broke again which is just great. After many hours it now finally works pretty decent. It will require some more work to get everything top notch again but as always, it always works out sooner or later. If you find any bugs please do notify us via the contact us form or our Discord server. Also, for now, the PVPSurvival server is down but will be up again pretty soon.

Anyways, go log in and play with the pretty colors! Or, well, you know, the same colors but in different forms. The glazed terracotta is pretty neat though. And the parrots.

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Server Rules (Main server only)

To make sure the server stays fun we have to have some rules. The rules are not always extremely strictly followed and you won't usually immediately get banned (except for hacks, you probably get banned immediately for that) but other than that we are pretty forgiving. Most of the rules are meant to make the server more fun for everybody, this server is meant to be mostly friendly (in survival) but a war can from time to time break out without everybody getting immediately banned.
The rules are viewable from the server by typing /rules and from the list below.

    [1] Be nice to others and don't try to make enemies.
    [2] Don't be a racist, don't discriminate others etc.
    [3] Don't use any bad language (Don't swear and don't use caps).
    [4] Do not grief!
    [5] Don't create redstone clocks.
    [6] Don't ask for op/creative/items etc.
    [7] Do not ever use mods/cheats/hacks!!
    [8] No advertising (e.g.. don't send ip's or links in the chat or anywere else).
    [9] Do not create big animal/mob farms.


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