Welcome to our mc server!

Welcome to the official minecraft.varmlan.se site!

Welcome to the website, here you can find the latest news, information, live maps of the server and more.

If you have found this website from anywhere besides our server: this is a website about our Minecraft server (ip: minecraft.varmlan.se). On this server you can play survival, creative and several different minigames. Survival is kind of meant to be peaceful but still PVP however fights still break out from time to time :P. But we have an actual pvp survival world as well (called PVPSurvival) which is completely separate from the main server with separate chats, inventories, factions and more. This world is essentially rules free so you can raid/grief/kill however and whatever you want.

The site is not 100% complete and will probably never be as it is a side project that is mainly meant to help players, so if you need further help than this website can currently provide please contact one of the admins/mods (or other players) on the server or on the contact us page.

Server status

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