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Slight change in donations and the return of the fire, lava and water! Doskii - 2016-03-21

Today we have changed three small (yet big) things that I decided to just bundle into a single post.

The first new thing is an additional 3 donation ranks for those who love money. While the actual new ranks are not different in what they can do, they do, however, come with some extra dough. The three ranks "Donator (+extra money)", "Donator+ (+extra money)" and "VIP (+extra money)" give, as their titles already give away, more money in addition to the money that the rank would already give. This is great for those who simply need more money to go with their ranks.

The second change is that we now allow Swedish crowns (SEK/KR) as a payment next to our current USD ($) payment currency. We added this for two reasons: Most of our current players are Swedish and it makes it much more practical to pay in SEK for them and the second reason is that it actually saves a little bit of money for the donator. Paying dollars with crowns means that the crowns has to be converted to USD which costs a tiny bit of money. But now that we allow crowns, that won't be a thing anymore.

Another good thing that I almost forgot to mention is that the prices are actually lower than before. The rise of value of the USD had changed the price a little. E.g. $30 isn’t 200kr any more like it used to be, now 200kr is only about $24.30. So we adjusted that now so that the prices are correct again, and cheaper.

The last thing we changed doesn't have anything to do with donations. It has to do with us having blocked fire, lava and water in survival for a long time. The main reason we originally decided to block it was to prevent griefing. But we do understand that it can be quite annoying not being able to use those items so we have decided to try and allow them again in the hope it will work out good this time. The items are however still blacklisted in creative for obvious reasons and only [Trusted] players are currently allowed to use them.

Quick 1.9 status update Doskii - 2016-03-08

The 1.9 update for minecraft was released last week and a lot of you were asking how the update for the server is doing so I thought I'd give you guys a quick update regarding the update. (that was a lot of "update" in one sentence :P)

The update breaks approximately everything on the server just like every single minecraft update does. So in order to get 1.9 completely supported on the server there will have to be done a lot of work and waiting for plugins, mods and programs to update which usually takes some time. So please notice that the delay in updates isn't completely our fault as most of the weight lies on the third-party developers to update their stuff which, by the way, doesn't always actually happen. A bunch of developers just abandon their projects which leaves us with huge problems especially when our plugins/mods depend on their stuff. So if one thing breaks it can sometimes create a chain of problems so that we end up with 10 other things being broken or severely damaged.

So long story short: You will have to switch back to 1.8 in order to join for a little while longer.

Spleef update Doskii - 2015-10-05

Spleef has been updated and contains a few new interesting functions and changed a few things. The first thing that is changed is the way you can get points. Instead of just getting points when wining and loosing when being knocked down we now have a rating system. This is similar to what some games like Battlefield uses under the name skill. It works as the following. When you knock out somebody with a low rating you will get a low amount of points but if that person has a high rating than you will gain considerably more points to your rating. It is the same way in reverse. If you get knocked out by a low rating player you will lose more points than if you get knocked out by a high rated player.

This does however mean that the old leaderboard with the old score system will have to be reset because the points would no longer make sense. So that is why the leaderboard currently looks a bit empty. On the positive side however there is now a leaderboard and a podium on the Spleef Bridge in the HUB so you can see the best players directly from there. Additionally, the new leaderboard, when fully implemented and used, will include things like total time played and total broken blocks.

Some of the other new features includes things like new gamemodes, teamplay and more which will appear over time in new arenas. So keep your eyes open ;)

New Survival world! Doskii - 2015-08-15

We have created a little different Survival world... Compared to the other two “friendly” and “peaceful” Survival worlds; this one isn’t so friendly, this world is basically rule less!

The idea is very simple, it is a freshly generated world with a little smaller world border (to keep everybody closer together), no rules, a separate inventory from the rest of the worlds, separate homes and factions from the rest, a separate chat, a simple spawn and possibility to raid each other’s bases without anybody getting banned. And if the world gets griefed way too much and the world is getting simple destroyed than we will simple generate a new world. (We probably won’t do many regenerations.)

To get to the new world (called “PVPSurvival”) you’ll have to type /hub and walk to the “Survival” sign. There you will find the new portals that will lead to the survival worlds. Now you just walk into the portal with the “PVPSurvival” sign in front of it.

Because the chat is separate you might get confused at first when you try to talk to people on the other worlds/hub and they don’t answer. In order to talk to people outside (or inside if you’re outside) you can type /g <message>. You would of course replace “<message>” with whatever you want to say. (g stands for Global) You can also just use /msg <player> <message> or /tell <player> <message> like normal (replace “<player>” with the player you want to send a message to and “<message>” with the message you want to send).

New Spleef and Survival Games map! Doskii - 2015-04-14

We have just added two new maps, one for Survival Games and one for Spleef!

This survival games map is called Tiny Blue and it is a bit smaller than most other maps and has a lot of chests in the middle divided between two floors. You can't hide here!

The new Spleef map is called simon for now because simon2000l made it (we are very creative with our names xD).