Meet the staff

Below you can see all the current admins and mods on the server. They have all written a little about themselves.

Doskii [Owner]

Hi, I'm the server owner, I'm 25 years old (I might forget to update this :3) and I'm the one doing most of the work.

I have been playing Minecraft since Alpha came out in 2010 and got into servers somewhere in the middle of Minecraft's Beta stage. I started with hosting a relatively populair offline server on my potato computer though a service called Tunngle on my blazing fast ADSL connection. It wasn't optimal but it tough me a lot about server hosting.

In 2012 I got asked by Varmlan (a by now long dead LAN party organisation) to host a server for their competitions. I used that opportunity to create a pretty decent Minecraft server for the public with some good friends. Since then we had many thousands of players log in with many who have stayed around a very long time. And sure, we had our ups and downs, but what has made me continue through all these years is the small but dedicated community that we have managed to build. This little community consists of a group of very random and fun people who made great bases, played many minigames and made tons of friends (and some enemies) on the server. If this server ever goes down, none of you will be forgotten :D

emilp2009 [Admin]

Hey I am an admin on the server and I work much with building stuff and I have built a couple of survival games maps with other stuff like 1.7 spawn (me and Doskii) and also if you need any help ask me and I can see what I can do for you see u on the server people.

Timpza [Mod]

Hi, i am one of the Mods on the server, if u need any help u can just ask me and i will see what i can do. And Btw don't trust Wietze123 or Emilp2009.

cckjellis [Mod]

Hello! My name is Benjamin. I am a server [Mod] and will thus help people on the server. I will do everything to be such a good [Mod] as possible. I will then help people and help with their work.

simon2000l [Admin]

I like chocolate. My pc specs!


(no info)