There are a few mingames (and more to come of course) on the server. They are located at the spawn on different floors (just stand on the pressure plate in the middle to switch floors).


Min 2 player.

Skywars is a PVP game mode were each player spawns on their own island which are all circled around a big center island. Every player has to get resources, mine, craft and build to survive and eliminate the other players. You can sit tight and hide or build your way to the center island, or other player's islands and take the victory with pure strength. How you play it up to you. It is kind of like Survival Games except everybody is closer to each other and you have to build and mine to survive.

Type /skywars or go the the first floor in the HUB to join!


Min 2 player.

In this minigame contains both team-deathmatch (TDM) and capture-the-flag (CTF) maps where you fight each other in teams to get the most amount of kills or to get the enemies flag and bring it to your base while defending your own flag from the enemy. This minigame is fast pace and fun. The more players you invite the better it gets!

Type /war or go the the third floor in the HUB to join!

Mob Arena

Min 1 player.

Once you joined you can choose your class and then hit the iron block to start. You will be defending wave after waves of zombies, creepers, skeletons, blazes and more!

- A new wave will come even if you haven't killed everything yet so be quick or they might become too   many.
- The boss (cave spider) comes around wave 10 and is pretty hard so be careful.
- You will receive rewards on every few waves, the higher wave you get to the better the rewards   become.

Type /ma or go the the first floor in the HUB to join!

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Min 2 players.

This is a very simple minigame, once the game starts you have to make sure you don't fall down while destroying the floor under the other player's feet so they fall down. The player who survives wins.

Type /spleef or go the the first floor in the HUB to join!

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