1.10 Update! Doskii - 2016-08-08

Good news! We have finally been able to update the server after skipping 1.9.

Since the 1.8 UUID update and the death of bukkit, the server has been really hard to keep updated due to complicated API changes and third-party plugin developers just giving up on their projects (for the same reason). We were even updated to 1.9 for a day or two until we had to give up thanks to multiple "things" simply not working anymore which then caused other "things" that depended on the other "things" to stop working as well. The server simply wasn't working anymore on that update so we ended up rolling back to 1.8.8 and added a protocol hack so that we could allow 1.9 (and later 1.10) players to join even though the server was technically still 1.8.8. After that, we started waiting and working on fixing the problems.

After the surprising fast 1.10 update that came after it, we retried updating the server again and after a little while we got it to work relatively smoothly. We then pushed the updates to the main server a few days ago and then to the fallback and pvpSurvival servers a day or so later.

This update isn't completely flawless as of yet though. Some features are a bit shaky at the moment. For example, Spleef has a weird problem where you will get your inventory in the game (you can't lose it though) and Survival Games is currently disabled because it is refusing to let people leave the arena after joining. We will fix these issues as soon as possible.

Besides these minor problems, the server is working great and all the new items, mobs, pvp system etc are all completely functional in all survival worlds, creative world and minigames. Have fun.

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